Georgia Research Alliance Awards Annate/Hajduk Lab Phase Ib Funding
Georgia Research Alliance

Georgia Research Alliance Awards Annate/Hajduk Lab Phase Ib Funding

GRA Awards $25,000 in Continued Funding to Advance Annate Bitherapeutics’ Pioneering Treatment for Multiple Myeloma in Collaboration with Hajduk Lab at University of Georgia

In a significant endorsement of innovative cancer research, the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) has awarded an additional $25,000 in funding to Annate Bitherapeutics, following a triumphant completion of a Phase Ia project. This investment will bolster the collaborative efforts with the Hajduk Lab at the University of Georgia to advance the development of their promising lead therapeutic for combating Multiple Myeloma.

The generous infusion of capital underscores GRA’s confidence in the potential breakthrough therapy that Annate Bitherapeutics has been crafting. The Hajduk Lab, renowned for its ApoL1 research, will continue to be instrumental in this developmental journey, marrying their deep scientific expertise with Annate’s visionary approach to therapeutic innovation.

As research progresses, Annate Bitherapeutics and the Hajduk Lab are committed to providing updates on the advancements and milestones achieved through this vital funding. The ultimate goal remains clear: to transform the therapeutic landscape of Multiple Myeloma and offer a new ray of hope to individuals affected by this condition.

About Georgia Research Alliance (GRA)

GRA plays a pivotal role in supporting research-driven economic development in the state of Georgia. By investing in promising scientific endeavors, GRA catalyzes innovation, fosters commercialization, and propels entrepreneurs and researchers to the forefront of their fields.

About Annate Bitherapeutics

Annate Bitherapeutics is dedicated to the discovery and development of novel treatments for cancer. By harnessing the power of biotechnology, Annate aims to bring groundbreaking therapies to market that can revolutionize cancer care.

About the Hajduk Lab at the University of Georgia

At the forefront of ApoL1 targeted therapies, the Hajduk Lab at the University of Georgia is home to a team of experts focused on discovering therapeutic solutions for complex diseases. With an unwavering commitment to scientific excellence, the lab seeks to make significant contributions to human health and medicine.